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The Benefits of Stretching for Growing your Muscle

When you have plans of gaining muscles, stretching would be something that a lot of people not thought about. Stretching actually has an important role when it comes to muscle building.

Every muscle that’s inside our body actually is enclosed with tough connective tissues called fascia. Fascia is in fact very important to hold muscles in place.

But, there’s actually a chance that fascia itself could be holding back our muscle growth. Simply think that you are training your muscle and feeds it and in return our muscles wish to grow, but something is holding it back. They usually end up not having enough room to grow.

With the fact that fascia is so tough, it does not allow our muscles to expand. Think of the case where you stuff a big pillow to a small case. Your muscle in this case will not grow or will change even if you are training hard because its connective tissues will not permit this to grow.

Our lower leg is riddled with fascia due to the reason where there’s a tremendous weight-bearing duties in our body. Also, it’s because of fascia where many trainers have difficulties to develop their calves.

The fact is, it is through stretching where you could find a solution for this. Take note about the example of the pillow case and imagine where you could expand the pillow case through stretching this. It will then give the pillow inside a to more room for expansion and in filling in the new space. By stretching the muscles on particular conditions, you will be able to stretch your fascia and it gives the muscles a room to grow.

The pump is considered to be an effective fascial stretching. The best time where you could stretch to expand the backs that holds the muscles in place is if the muscles are pumped full of blood.

If the muscles are pumped fully, they press against the fascia. Through stretching hard during that time, you actually are increasing the pressure on your fascia a lot that will lead to its expansion.

Stretching your fascia is in fact more rigorous than regular stretching procedures and the results of which it could give are definitely amazing. When stretching hard, it will cause the fascia in expanding more and you will definitely feel this. When you are stretching your fascia, you are going to feel a powerful pulling sensation as well as pressure the fact that the muscle works against the fascia to expand this.

It is however very important to always take note to not overstretch your muscles because it could lead to injuries or tear it.

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